Change That Lives On

Providing complete care to orphans in the most difficult places in the world.

The 100% Model

Every dollar donated goes directly toward the care of our children.

How It Works

Help Us Bridge The Gap

We set out to achieve a goal: full sponsorship for every child in our care
by the end of 2018. Will you help us Bridge the Gap?

Take Action

Thank you to everyone who donated
this Giving Tuesday!

This #GivingTuesday we were so inspired by the kind comments and love that poured in from the Project Hope Worldwide community. There was a need and you all answered. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!
I Would Still Like To Donate

“The staff sees to it that emails or hand written letters are transmitted or delivered rapidly. So instead of just a couple letters a year, one of which is just a short annual report, I receive something every month or so and can send gifts to them alot easier. I can even take the gifts myself and hand them to each child. Oh, and I must mention the hugs and smiles I receive and give are in person and priceless.”


“Many reasons I have chosen PHW. The need is real and I feel that my time and money are truly going to the end user to make a difference. You see this at the Ripple event, you see this with other sponsors testimonies on various social media outlets. PHW makes it very easy to help. I trust that they are making a real difference.”


“We chose PHW for two reasons. The mission as we believe it truly fits our belief that God asked us to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves, PHW is truly in support of this, and almost 100% of our gift goes to the mission of PHW which is caring for and defending the rights of fatherless children around the world.”

Giving Hope.

Changing Lives

We are committed to caring for and defending the rights of orphans around the world.

Thank you to everyone who came out for RIPPLE 2018!

Make sure to check out highlights from the event!
RIPPLE 2018 Photos