Hello everyone!
My name is Achola Irene. I started working with Project Hope Worldwide in January 2012 as a social worker. Working at CML (Calo Me Lare) has been such a great thing for me! The children are very inspiring. I am so excited to share my life stories with you on this blog. You will get to know more about the Ugandan life style and the challenges I that I have gone through went through… especially being a woman and from Northern Uganda!

About Me:
I am a Ugandan, born in Lira district. My family was quite large and I grew up living with many people in one home. It was not easy, but my father knew the importance of education and sacrificed to ensure that! So, I attended a school in Lira, but then my father enrolled me in a primary school in Kampala. He knew that if I were to get a great education, I needed to go to Kampala. I went to Eastern Uganda for my secondary and graduated from St. Lawrence Citizen’s High school. I attended Kyambogo University for my first degree.
Going to school was not easy… Especially the extra work to get a good education! Being a girl from northern Uganda I had to work harder than the people from central and Western Uganda. I had to prove myself all the time to get the same respect like the rest of the other people.
I am very excited to write this blog. I have been inspired by the children of CML and they have blessed me so much. I would love to share a lot about life in Uganda from a Ugandan woman’s perspective. I will share lots of stores about what it means to be a Ugandan woman and how life is here in our culture

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