Sponsor Spotlight- Rhett and Staci Stover

Rhett and Staci have been involved with us from the very beginning, volunteering and raising awareness for us! They sponsor a little one named Innocent. Here is a little bit about their family and how sponsorship has impacted them:

Tell us about your family.                                                                                                  We recently moved to Edmond, OK and I work for Mercy Health System in OKC.  Staci runs the show for our family crew.  Seldon is 7 (2nd grade) and Chiles is 4 (pre-K).  Our hobbies are now the kids hobbies.  They’re into soccer, basketball, gymanstics, and the lake.  Lucky for us, we love to do all those things (except gymnastics for me)!  Truly, one of our greatest passions is raising these kids, trying to do the best job we can, and helping them to understand and establish balance in a rapidly changing world…a world that they experience in different ways almost daily.


Why did you decide to sponsor?
Rhett: Staci and I have always had a soft-spot for children.  Particularly those with less and from less fortunate circumstances.  As we learned about and became more involved with Project Hope Worldwide, we felt  convicted and compelled to act.  The sponsorship opportunity was a natural fit and has provided a platform for us to respond financially in addition to spiritual support and prayers for Project Hope Worldwide that are equally important, if not moreso.
Staci: I was adopted at 3 months old in Tulsa through the state. Was blessed with amazing parents! I have always had a special place in my heart for any “orphan” whether they are in another country or here domestically. It gets clearer to me with age how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to be raised by such an amazing family in a safe & fortunate home! All “orphans” wherever they may be, whatever their circumstances, deserve the same chance & love! And if I can be a part of that in anyway I am all for it!

Did you ever meet your parents? Or, do you know who they are?                         Staci: No, it was a closed adoption so I have no idea who they are. I never had an urge to know until about 2 yrs ago. Then I prayed a lot about it and the urge just went away. It was pretty crazy! I might rethink things a bit more down the road when the kids are older.

What has been the highlight of our sponsorship?                                                        The highlight of our sponsorship has shown itself many ways.  Two that come to mind immediately are:

  1. The ability to help serve and support this unique and worthy population
  2. The opportunity this gives us to expand our children’s world view.  We love to sit down together at the table and share the letters, pictures, and other updates we recieve from Innocent and his teachers.

How has it impacted our family?                                                                                       It has and will continue to bring us closer together as it is a constant reminder of how much we have to be thankful for.  The Book of James outlines the mission statement for Christians  – “to visit the orphans and widows in their distress“.  As we continue our support through sponsorship, we’re reminded how blessed we are to be a blessing to others and continually encouraged by the work God is doing through Project Hope Worldwide.

Thank you Rhett and Staci for sharing your experience! We appreciate you so much! Little Innocent has had quite the transformation!


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