Meet Joy – Mother to 8 of our girls

Meet Joy. Joy is a widow and is one of our house moms at Calo Me Lare. She is the house mom to all girls, and is acutally the head house mom.

IMG_4370Joy was born in the Oyam District. Her father divorced her mother, leaving her to care for Joy and 8 other siblings. 3 of her siblings died due to illness and lack of medical care. Joy was fortunate to go to school, gradaute. There, she met her husband, who died soon after due to an unknown illness. Joy decided to move into Lira to look for work so that she could survive. One day, she heard the advertisement from Calo Me Lare, looking for widows in the community that would be interested in taking care of orphans. Joy always had a deep desire to be a mother, and since she did not have children before her husband died, she was excited about the opportunity.

Joy loves living at Calo Me Lare, and she loves being able to care for the orphaned girls. She says the children keep her laughing and entertained! IMG_4368

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