The Role of Orphans in Sex Trafficking

Orphan Justice by Johnny Carr and Laura Captari is a must read! Its insight given to the injustice of orphans is eye opening and something for all Christians open their eyes to. Here’s an excerpt regarding the role of orphans in the sex trafficking industry:

” According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the human trafficking trade is second only to drug dealing as the largest criminal industry in today’s world. The trafficking of humans takes on many forms, including child soldiers, domestic servitude, forced child labor, prostitution, and sex tourism.
The global market of child trafficking is over $12 billion a year with over 1.2 million child victims.. Children from age 5 to 15 are traded domestically and internally as a supply for labor and sex.
Unlike drugs or other crime markets, people can be sold over and over again, so their is no cap that one child slave can bring in. The profits from one trafficked girl alone can be as much as $250,000.
The role of Orphans in Trafficking: The 153 million orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide guarantee a continued market from which human traffickers can draw. For children living outside of families, no one will ever know they are mission. There is no moral outcry, no legal search, and likely no one even cares.  But God does. And when we ignrore the avuse, the violence, and the evil, we grieve God’s heart.”

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