“Your Help has changed my life” – Sonya’s response to her sponsor

We never get tired of hearing the stories of the relationships that are developing between our kids and their sponsors. And, when the child responds with such gratitude, it shows just how much your sponsorship means to them! Below is a letter written by Sonya from Juarez.Last year, her father committed suicide, leaving her mother to care for Sonya and 3 other siblings. Sonya was in school at the time and was at risk of having to drop out to help her mother try and scrape together an income. We came just in time and found a sponsor for Sonya. She has been able to continue her schooling and is extremely grateful! Here is what she said:  

Hello! How are you? I hope well. I am very good. More than anything I would like to tell you that I pray God blesses you and your family and fills you with many blessings.

Iwant to write this letter to thank you for what you have done for me and tell you that thanks to you I am studying. Up to now I have been doing well. I really like school and have learned a lot. It has gone very good because I have various friends – if you wouldn’t have helped me I wouldn’t have all this. Since you helped me you changed my life and helped me go to high school and thanks to all of this, I’m already going into my 2nd semester. Thank you, I won’t get tired of telling you this.  I hope that you enjoyed the holidays. It went well for me, but the truth is that it made me miss my dad, but God put you in my path to be able to succeed and move forward with your help. You’ve not only helped me but my whole family. Thank you for everything and for helping me move forward. Later I will send you anotherletter to tell you how I’ve been doing in school. I hope to meet you one day so I can talk with you and tell you thank you. – SonyaIMG_8810

Sonya's letter-front

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