How We Give Away 100%


Project Hope Worldwide is not only committed to financial integrity, but also to allowing people’s generosity to go directly to whatever child or need that has touched their heart. In order to accomplish this PHW intentionally keeps its overhead and administrative costs extremely low by working with a vast network of volunteers who donate their professional talents, experience and time. In addition, each year the necessary administrative costs including salaries, marketing, supplies, office space etc. is budgeted and private donations are secured to meet this amount.

PHW has largely been successful in this effort due to the generosity of their primary sponsor, Jim Bennett and US Payments. Also making significant contributions are each one of its Board Members. This allows 100% of all money donated through Child Sponsorships to go directly to the needs of children and 100% of donations to meet critical needs to go directly to that need. We hope this commitment will encourage your desire to partner with us and make an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable children in the world. Your generosity will truly make a difference.