About Daniel

Born: November 2004

Daniel is a boy from Northern Uganda, an area devastated by civil war and the LRA. In 2011 both of Daniel’s parents were killed leaving him and his six siblings total orphans. Daniel lives with relatives but they cannot provide for all of his needs. Daniel wants to become a lawyer when he grows up to help those seeking justice.

Now attending the Hope School at Calo Me Lare “Village of Redemption” Daniel is safe, has nutritious meals, attends school, has access to medical attention and receives spiritual/character mentorship.

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Daniel (U131)

Lira, Uganda

Northern Uganda has suffered through 25 years of war due to the insurgency of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. The unrest has destabilized the region for decades prohibiting it from developing an infrastructure to support its people. As a result of this war, and the ongoing epidemic of AIDS and malaria, there is estimated to be over 3 million orphans in Uganda. Project Hope Worldwide’s work in this region has involved establishing an orphanage, schools, a medical clinic, vocational training programs, and local churches to support the people.