About Roxana

Born: December 2008

Roxana is a little girl who lives in one of the poorest areas of Juarez, Mexico with her mother and three brothers. Roxana’s father passed away tragically which has been tough on the family. Roxana’s mother works at a local school but it isn’t enough to support the family.

Because of Sponsorship through Project Hope Worldwide Roxana is safe, has nutritious meals, attends school, has access to medical attention and receives spiritual/character mentorship. Roxana enjoys playing the violin and is learning the drums.

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Roxana (J21)

Juárez, Mexico

As recently as 2009, Juárez has been known as the most violent city in the world that was not a war zone. This has been largely due to the ongoing drug wars between competing cartels. Juárez is located just across the border from El Paso on the Rio Grande. In an area 20 km outside Juárez, Project Hope Worldwide has established a program for orphans amongst the poor and displaced people living in what is called “Colonias.” This program insures that children have access to a safe home, food/clothes, education, medical care and spiritual/character mentorship.