Vocational Training for Widows

Vocational Training

The widows we bring into our projects do more than just take on the role of a mother for the children at Calo Me Lare in Uganda. They have begun developing their own practical and artistic means of vocation to take care of themselves financially. This has mainly come about in the form of making beautiful beaded necklaces and sewing. Not only does this provide an outlet for the housemothers; but we also hope to expand this work into vocational training programs for the children to learn how to develop their own micro-businesses in the same ways!


Food, Clothing, and Medical

Food and Clothing

Many of the children we serve at our projects have very little when it comes to either, some only eating on the days when they can and some only having the clothes on their back (if they even have that much). We provide healthy and nutritious meals every day along with giving each child new shoes and clean sets of clothing. This includes getting them new sizes of shoes and clothing as they grow into bigger and healthier children. The need is constant.



Without fail, every human needs some sort of medical attention throughout their lifetime, and especially early on in growing up. This could be due to lack of proper previous care or just every day issues. For example, Juliet, in Uganda, has been with us since the beginning and she suffers from severe hearing loss. She now has the proper hearing aid equipment! Your giving will help provide the funds necessary for both expected and unexpected medical issues that every kid faces from time to time.

Bangladesh Projects

Activity Center

There are estimated to be 1/2 million orphans living on the streets of Dhaka, making it the 4th highest orphan population in the world. These children are extremely vulnerable to sex trafficking, organized crime, drug abuse, and malnutrition. Our work in Dhaka is accomplished through an activity center in the heart of the city, where street kids can come and receive education, medical treatment, food, and mentorship. This project is not sustained on child sponsorships like our other projects, but rather by private donations.