Lira, Uganda

Total Trip Cost (Approximate):
Two Weeks: $3,600 – $4,200
Four Weeks: $4,500 – $5,400

Trip cost includes round-trip airfare, lodging, meals and more

This fourteen day trip to Uganda will open your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed. Calo Me Lare “Village of Redemption” located outside of Lira is home to our Uganda Hope Project where nearly 100 orphans are cared for and over 200 receive an education. Teams will enjoy western style accommodations and work alongside staff with the children and surrounding community. Finish your Team Trip with a relaxing two day stay at the beautiful Paraa Safari Lodge located on the Nile River. Team sizes vary and custom trips are available.

Juárez, Mexico

Total Trip Cost (Approximate):
Age <12: $300
Age 13-17: $400
Age 18+: $500

Trip cost includes ground transportation, lodging, meals and more

This five day trip to Juárez, Mexico is the perfect trip for the first timer or seasoned traveler. Through ministry partners located in the Colonias outside of Juárez you can serve through construction projects, work in our medical clinic, go on prayer walks or serve in outreach ministries. Teams will enjoy western style accommodations at our ministry partner’s compound and authentic cuisine. While in Juárez you will meet the children in the Mexico Hope Project and see the changes that sponsorship makes. Team sizes vary and custom trips are available.

León, Nicaragua

Total Trip Cost Approximate:
$1,950 – $2,300

Trip cost includes round-trip airfare, lodging, meals and more

This seven day trip to Nicaragua will immerse you in the beautiful local culture while allowing you to directly serve the children, families and community of the Tomas Borge District with your specific gifts and talents. Finish your Team Trip with a historical tour of León, ashboarding or a day of shopping in Grenada. Team sizes vary and custom trips are available.

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We bring hope to the world’s most vulnerable children in Uganda, Mexico, and Nicaragua. The future for these children has never been brighter!


April 4 – 10, 2020

July 8 – 14, 2020

October 13 – 19, 2020

December 7 – 13, 2020


March 13 – 22, 2020
(No Safari)

June 2 – 30, 2020

June 17 – 30, 2020


August 10 – 14, 2019

April 7 – 12, 2020
(Building Emphasis)

June 24 – 27, 2020

November 8 – 11, 2020

2020 PHW Missionary Intensive Training Days

On PHW Mission Trips, we strive to offer the best possible trip experience for our missionaries, our in-country hosts, and the children and communities that we serve. Intensive training days (ITDs) help us to achieve this by giving missionaries an introduction to the values of the PHW mission trip family, offering excellent pre-trip training, providing clear expectations, and sharing resources to help each individual plan for their mission trip. ITDs are required for all PHW missionaries once annually before a missionary’s chosen trip date. Participants can attend meetings in person at the PHW office in Owasso or can join via a ZOOM video conference. All missionaries traveling in 2020 will need to choose one of the following dates:

Sunday, Jan 26, 2-4pm
Sunday, Feb 23, 2-4pm
Sunday, March 29, 2-4pm
Sunday, April 19, 2-4pm
Sunday, June 7, 2-4pm
Sunday, July 26, 2-4pm
Sunday, September 13, 2-4pm
Sunday, October 4, 2-4pm
Sunday, November 8, 2-4pm

Please email to RSVP for your training day!

We are committed to caring for and defending the rights of orphans around the world.

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